The birth of a classic author: Sheka Tarawalie (Shekito) on his book

Pope Francis, Politics and the Mabanta Boy

Feruary 3, 2020

Ibrahim Jalloh (Jallomy)

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The newest book published in Africa South of the Sahara: “Pope Francis, Politics and the Mabanta Boy” is a classic of significant magnitude and unimaginary proportion. The book is a neat combination of history, sociology, religion and the cultural anthropology of a nation that has not been properly defined and positioned in its rightful place in history. The author, Sheka Tarawalie, is a product of the humble beginnings of a tiny community on the crossroads of the opposing forces of Christianity and Islam. Amazingly, he artistically and poignantly combines the opposing elements to a pattern of ecumenical unity unrivalled in the history of religious conflict. The sense is drawn from the book that all religions fish from the big ocean of humanity, so the rancor and conflict in religion is not only hopeless but pointless.

On its cover, the book is immediately entreating, enthralling and spiritually capturing. The image of Pope Francis and the lowering humility of the Mabanta Boy discharge the conquering element of the Catholic Church in Transition. The Cover picture reveals the Mabanta Boy as symbolic of the continuation of the journey of Christian and church reformation started by Martin Luther centuries ago. The Pope is Catholic and the Mabanta Boy is Protestant! So this is a historic meeting point with a significant and abundantly symbolic message of rebirth. The content of the book is endlessly interpretative and a spiritual mirror placed before us all. Pope Francis has a practical sense of the need and urgency of reforms in the Catholic Church and therefore is becoming phenomenal and uninterpretative by many Catholics.

A number of Sierra Leoneans have written and published books. This is laudable and commendable. The truth, however, is the twist taken by the Mabanta Boy records a new direction in literary genre. Poignantly, the book reveals an internal national capacity to produce or replicate the likes of Soyinka, Achebe, Wa’Thiongo and a lot more. The book is one of its kinds and embodies the hallmarks of uniqueness. We wish that the Mabanta Boy had started this literary journey back then in conventional form.

A country christened as the Athens of West Africa but degenerated to a bag of memories and hiding in faded academic glory is now resurrecting, literally speaking. The author of this book is a hero and the book itself is a heroic literary work.

The Book will be launched and in different locations: Sierra Leone, UK and Italy. This underscores the international appeal and relevance of the book.

We will be doing intermittent review of the book that will stem the tide of time.