Techfrica unveils Fricavideo application

October 13, 2020

By Ibrahim Kabba Turay

The operation manager and board members artist union president East

Techfrica has on Friday, 9th October, officially unveiled their new Application- Frica-video, which will give artists and entertainers the platform to sell out their music or movies to the world, so that they too can benefit from their labour.

TechFrica is a company that was developed by a Sierra Leonean- Al-Hassan Hafiz Bakarr-Kanu Jr- founder and CEO- who started it in 1998 at age  21.

While in college he decided to create nightlife events for the African community.

His first company was called Mama Africa Productions in 1998 and thereafter proceeded in establishing Club Mama Africa which was in 2002 rebranded as Club Afrik.

In 2005, he wanted to give a voice to the African community and decided to start a media company called African Radio the BIG Voice of Africa.

He wanted to showcase Sierra Leone and African music and talents on air as it was not getting any airplay, and in 2007 to 2012,he created over 20 franchise stations representing most of African, Europe and Asia countries.

In 2014 when technology was becoming popular, he decided to create a tech company and Techfrica was born.

With Techfrica he wanted to use technology to combat the issues faced by Africans in the entertainment industry.

Since he was a (DJ) and worked with many artists, he decided to combat a solution for them as many complained that there was no better platform to showcase their talents.

In the same year, Audiofrica was born to be a platform for African artists and music for the artist to earn money.

Around 2017 and 2018 the CEO decided to create other platforms that will give African an edge to benefit from the entertainment industry, which led to the birth of Videofrica 

The videofrica is a platform that will give African artists the opportunity to subscribe to the application with a minimum of hundred thousand Leones which will last for one month, so that the artist can upload their videos and gain more viewers.

Aziz Koroma, who is the Operations Manager, said Videofrica is faster than YouTube, and that it is easy to access, adding that they have already signed three artists who have already begun making money.

“We have already be contacted by people from Nigeria, Ghana and even Liberia, but we have to pay more attention to Sierra Leone,” he said

Emmanuel Rogers, commonly known as (Artical Foyor) commended Aziz for initiating the idea into the country and urged all artist to subscribe to the videofrica, so that they too can realise the gains of their  music.

He assured that in his capacity as president of the East-End Artist Union he will ensure that his colleagues subscribe to the application

Anita is one of the artists that had signed to the application. She said she has already started earning money after working for so long without receiving anything from music