Sulaiman Bundu dreams big for Salone’s entertainment

January 13, 2021

Chief Executive Officer and owner of Salone Man Bizness  INC- the lone Sierra Leone distribution and marketing company of music and other entertainment products-Sulaiman Bundu – has vowed to make the country’s entertainment industry receives international recognition through his company.

Bundu, who now stays in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, has gone through the ranks of entertainment in Sierra Leone and established Salone Man Bizness INC in 2006.

He was crowned as the best promoter of Sierra Leone music and headed one of the biggest social clubs in the eastern part of Freetown-the Aristocrat Family.

Bundu believes that the only way entrepreneurship could thrive is for young Sierra Leoneans to imbibe the culture of self-confidence.

“I want to be an example to Sierra Leoneans youth and to also tell them that you don’t need the approval of others for you to be an enterprenuer.Just believe in what you do and people will naturally buy your idea. My aim is to ensure that Sierra Leone entertainment industry gains global recognised through marketing and distribution via digital platform,” he said.

With the world going digital, Bundu believes that the only way Sierra Leonean artists could break the barrier and make their music known across the world is to appreciate technology, and that his production and marketing company has all it takes to popularise the country’s music through ITunes and other digital platforms.

“My job is to place your music on ITunes and other digital platforms so that people could access it worldwide through the internet. I distribute music through the media and I can also market your music as much as you want, after paying minimal fees. You definitely  will get maximum satisfaction. I have every connection, accessibility and everything to put Sierra Leone music on a digital platform. I have the only registered distribution company in Sierra Leone which is also registered in the United States. I am working with the largest distribution company in the world,” he said.  

Bundu believes in competition which he said brings about quality production and services.

“You know, competition is great as without it there will be no quality. We have full package of entertainment and we give artists the best .I believe in team work to ensure that things go well.”

As an entertainment lover, Bundu has worked with the likes of Sonita, Cool J, Colabo, Nasser Ayoub, Salone JQ, Tito Flex and more.