SLFA members please with government decision

August 10 2017 By Sahr Morris Jnr


Isha Johansen…..What next?

Aggrieved members of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) have expressed their delight with the steps taken by the Sports Minister to give the SLFA a week ultimatum to call for an ordinary congress.

The Sports Minister, Ahmed Khanou on Tuesday, August 8 gave the Isha Johansen led administration until 14 August to hold an ordinary congress that will pave the way for elections and his stance was well appreciated by the SLFA membership, who also last Friday issued a week congress ultimatum.

According to Kashor Holland-Cole, secretary general of the stakeholder’s faction: “It is a step in the right direction. For us we think it is the only way out. Congress is the supreme body of SLFA that is responsible to make laws so going to congress will help SLFA to administer football very well.

“Ordinary congress is very important because it is where the executive members give account of their activities and funds they have received and spent.”

However, it is still unclear whether the SLFA will heed to the call of the sports minister, who refused to mention the next line of action of his ministry should the SLFA failed to adhere to its demand.

“I instruct you to take your membership to ordinary congress as initially planned without prejudice to the FIFA task force and ‘intergrity checks’. Report of the outcome of said congress should be forward to my office for the high attention of President Koroma.”

“All necessary steps to ensure democratic transition through the electoral process of the SLFA should be considered. Should you fail to, I’ll be left with no option but to take the next necessary or expedient step,” the sports minister said.

The aggrieved members on August 4 do state that they no longer recognise Isha Johansen and four others executive members after their term of officer expired on August 3.