SLCU appeals  to gov’t for support

April 8, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura


SLCU members at the high table during the press conference

Sierra Leone Central Union (SLCU)  based in Holland has last Friday appealed for  government to support them in their work and approve the Sierra Leone Central  Union Closet Junior Secondary School at Wasaya community, Lungi.

Speaking during  a  press conference hosted in Freetown, Founder and CEO of Salone Jamboree, Murtala Mohamed Kamara ,said the organization has been supporting  the country in their own little way,stating that  during the Ebola outbreak they supported victims with used clothing and food.

President of SLCU, Abdulrahman Koroma, said they came to Sierra Leone to promote Lungi with Junior Secondary School and also to help the poor masses, who were not able to send their children to school.

He said the union is a non-governmental organization comprising 40 organizations with different branches in and outside the country.

He said the main reason  they decided to form the organisation was to promote peace among Sierra Leoneans in the Netherland and to embark on developmental project in Sierra Leone.

He said the union was founded in 2004 and that from that time to now, they have implemented several projects including  providing medical equipment to hospitals, sending ambulances to different hospitals across the country, and helping people who were affected by  the mudslide in 2018 with used clothings, food, building materials, among  several others.

President Koroma  said they  were currently  implementing a big project-constructing  a school at Wasaya community, Lungi.

He added that the school has about 228 pupils with two buildings and  that they were paying  teachers without outside or government support.

He appealed for  government to help  them  complete  the buildings before the next academic year, so that  the  kids  would have enough classrooms and  receive the quality education they deserve.

He also appealed for government to approve the school because there has been influx of kids due to the introduction of the free quality education by the current Bio administration.

He stated that since government has been offering free text and exercise  books, feeding for children who are attending government assisted  schools,they don’t want those  at Wasaya Community to miss that opportunity.

He further appealed that government  should  come onboard to partner with them and provide  teachers for the school.

 “We are pleading to the government to come on board to help us.Last week we had a meeting with the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education for him to approve the school and he promised that our school will be among other schools that will be approved.We are still looking forward for it to be approved as a government school,” he appealed.

He said the Wasaya Community has been growing gradually in terms of education, but  grappling with some challenges because they did not have embassy in Holland that would support them.

Member of SLCU, Ibrahim Jalloh,  said they all knew the essence of education and it benefit, hence they decided to  establish  the school with donation  from Sierra Leoneans in Netherland ,adding that the school has been operating for one year now.

He said they have financial problem,especially to upkeep teachers,hence calling on government to step in and support them to achieve their goal.