Sierra Leone Music website launched

May 7, 2019

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma


CEO Salone Song. com website, Joshua Mulbah, speaking during the launch of the website at Hotel 5-10

A website dedicated to promoting Sierra Leonean music and videos called was last Friday launched at the Hotel 5/,east of Freetown.

The website, which is strictly about entertainment, is aimed at promoting Sierra Leone music industry abroad.

Speaking during the official launch, Chief Executive Officer of website, Joshua Mulbah, popularly known as Salone Borbor , a Sierra Leonean based in the U.S, said setting up a website that is purely dedicated to Sierra Leonean songs has been a dream, which sometimes made him sleepless.

He  added  that the country’s music was stocked somewhere and that the need to bring out something to sell out the image of the country is of utmost importance.

‘’So, I thought of bringing and dedicating this website to the industry. This website is a blog and a downloading website. And to be realistic is not only here to stay but it is here to take Sierra Leone music to the world,’’ he said.

He said the setting up of the website has been lauded by the country’s entertainment personalities, including bloggers who promote Sierra Leone’s music industry, adding that Emmanuel Rogers (Artical foyor) has been very inspirational, motivational and helpful in the realisation of the project.

Joshua Mulbah  said the website can be accessed through the internet and that every artist can contact them for their songs and videos to be uploaded into the website, as that way they can develop the country’s entertainment industry.

‘’ To be realistic , I’m already working on a platform from now to December.We will be able to sell Sierra Leone’s music.  You the artist can get your royalty where Sierra Leoneans would be able to buy music and video with Leones through Africell money or Orange money,’’ Joshua added.

Speaking also was Mohamed Bangura, popularly known as King Milan, Entertainment Producer and Presenter at the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) lauded and thanked the CEO Salone Songs for coming up with the initiative and hoped that it would last long.

He added that other similar websites have been created but died down along the line due to lack of funding, sponsorship and promotion, adding that there was need for all to come together to move the industry forward.

“We definitely need to put some seriousness in terms of promoting our industry and it’s not something that’s easy. I think we need to come together as one body and advocate to the government so that tariffs on mobile companies would drop down. For the artist themselves its high time you started doing proper videos. It pains me a lot. I promote a lot of videos on television,’’ he said.

He said the website was a nice move and gesture for Salone songs and believed that it would sell the country’s entertainment to the international level, adding that though there would be challenges in going about reaching artist but hoped that they would work side by side with them.

Bangura called on the entertainers to support the initiative and to cooperate with the team whenever they are requested to help in the development of the website.

Mohamed Basiru Sanusi, commonly knowns as Bash, another well-known Entertainment Producer and Presenter at Star TV told the Salone song team that there are lots of challenges in the entertainment media landscapes in the country but hoped that they will pick up on their way.

He said for the entertainment to grow its high time the mobile companies reduced their data, citing Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria have cheaper mobile internet data as compared to Sierra Leone.

The official launch of the website was done by Emmanuel Rogers, President Eastern Artist Union, who stated that the website is a great platform to see the country’s music grow.

 “On behalf of the Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry and on behalf of the, I’m officially launching this website to the world.”