Secretary to VP redeems Bengani residents

January 13, 2020

BY: Mohamed Sesay


The newly constructed Barry in Bengani village

The Secretary to the vice president, Alhaji Baba Fortune, has constructed and commissioned a Court Barry in Bengani Village, Pegba Section, Mano Sakrim Chiefdom in the Pujehun district.

The commissioning of the court Barry took place on Saturday the 29th December 2019.

The construction of the multi-purpose Barry is to house inhabitants of Bangani Village and its environs for social gathering and meetings.

Baba Fortune informed the gathering that residents of Bengani Village have been undergoing a whole lot of challenges, especially during the raining seasons.

He added that most often meetings were disrupted by rains and that they used to holding meetings in an open field.

 He further said that the newly constructed Barry would serve as a platform for unification and solidarity among residents of the village.

“This Barry that we have come to commission today is to create unity. Because it does not mean that whenever we say let us meet on the moonlight, you cannot get the moonlight at your house. The Bangani Village is very big without a Barry, so this newly constructed Barry will now serve as a recreational centre for all our social activities,” he said.

The Imam of Bangani Village, Sheilk Mohamed Basheru Jalloh, expressed appreciations to Baba Fortune for the laudable venture, saying that those were some of the hindrances they have been going through as a village.

On her part,Chair Lady of the village, Madam Jebbeh Mamor,  registered her gratitude on behalf of the women for the timely construction of the Barry, saying that it was  a great opportunity for the people of Bengani Village.

 “I am very happy together with my fellow women because during those days without a Barry, we were belittled especially when we had strangers from either Bo or Freetown. There was no venue for us to meet. Thus, if we have got this Barry, we are very happy for it,” she said.

Youth leader of Bengani Village, Sumaila Massaquoi, said they were very happy for the construction of the Barry and that if the world would have been a heaven, then the Bengani people have got their own heaven.

He also said even the deceased people in their graves were very happy for the Barry because such goodies has never happened in the historicity of the said village.

 “If this Saturday were heaven in this world, then we the people of Bengani have got our own heaven today. Firstly, our people who have passed away are very happy for this day and even the youth are very happy for this day because we have never been privileged to such opportunity,” he said.

The occasion was climaxed with the commissioning of the Barry by the Director General of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust(NASSIT), Mohamed Fuad Dabor, who also pledged fifty chairs to be used in the new Barry.