“School management system software will help replace manual method in recording data”

-Young I.T expert

September 7, 2017 By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma


A graduate in Information and Computer Science from the University of Makeni, Mohamed Bangura, has developed an automated school management system, which he said will help replace manual method in recording school data across the country.

Speaking to Concord Times in an exclusive interview, Bangura said the automated school system will help in the storing of data including schools register, fees details and receipts issued to students.

“The Automated school Management system is an information system primarily designed to computerize, integrate and control the daily operations involved in the collation and processing of students’ data effectively,” said Bangura.

He added that the system does not only make student result collation fast, but also easy and error- free.

The computer Science graduate and teacher said the system provides solution to problems encountered in school management.

“It can also be used to trace the attendance of teachers and printing out of students report cards at the end of every term. It can be very much useful in the school Management system,” he stressed.

He stated that as the world is currently witnessing a computer age, there is need for Sierra Leone to join the band wagon of the development drive the world is experiencing.

“The system would bring awareness to any good administrator of a school since it will bring about transparency especially when it comes to monetary issues. All fees data are stored electronically and data cannot be altered,” he said.

Mr. Bangura noted that when the system is implemented, it will create an opportunity for staff and members of an institution to be able to learn technology and familiarize themselves with knowledge of competing in a twenty -first century society.

“I have seen that the manual method used in recording school data and other information related to school operations is quite boring. It is not safe when it comes to confidentiality,” He noted.

He said he decided to embark on that research to help in the digitalization of the storage of information in the country, adding that other countries across the world are developing and moving the digital way of recording school data.

Mr. Bangura highlighted that some of the challenges he went through in putting up the automated system was internet connectivity and getting information.

“The automated school system is a new idea in the country and it is quite strange. That is why I’m using the media to popularise it for the betterment of data storage in the country,” he said.

Mr. Bangura said although the use of paper work in school administration cannot be completely written off, the automated school system will boost the general school administration.

He revealed that his school is on the verge of putting that application into its management system as he believed it would change the way of storing data in their school and make the work of administrators easier.

He appealed for more support from the government and private Individuals who are operating schools to take advantage of the all Sierra Leonean initiative so that it will happen and help school administrators in their daily job.