Radison Blu bar attendees train on standard cocktail service

March 16, 2017 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

With the aim of providing standard cocktail service to guests and customers, the African Ambassador of Fabbri products, Ross Snowdon, has provided week long training for Radison Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel Sierra Leone bar attendees.

Speaking to the presser at the Radison Blu Hotel, Aberdeen in Freetown, Ambassador Snowdon, said Fabbri products are used worldwide and that they have partnered with Radison Blu Brand, with the aim of providing a standard cocktail services in all their hotels across the globe.

He said as Fabbri products Ambassador in Africa, his purpose in Sierra Leone was to train the bar attendees and that for the past days, he has been able to teach them on how to serve cocktail to guests at the hotel.

He said trainees were trained on how to mix drinks like  ‘baw baw blu mojito’ using white rum, Fabbri  mojito, Fabbri tropical blue, fresh limes and mint leaves, as well as  trained on how to mix cosmopolitan, Lumley margarita, ananas tonic, blu screwdriver, ginperol spritz and ginger fizz.

Also speaking, the Bar Manager at Radison Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel, Julius Kamara, said they were very grateful for the training, because it has helped them with new ideas of treating cocktail service.

He promised that they would do their best to ensure that they put into full practise what they learnt and would make sure that they satisfy their customers by providing them with the best cocktail services in the country.

Amidu Deen, one of the bar attendees that benefited from the training also thanked  Ambassador Snowdon  for providing such training, adding through the training, he learnt a lots and that they were now fully prepared to give full and best service to their gusts and customers.