President Koroma to launch Limkokwing University on Friday

March 15, 2017 

President Ernest Bai Koroma would on Friday (March 17th,2017) launch the first West African campus of the Limkokwing University of transformation and  innovation in Sierra Leone with the theme “Transformation of Sierra Leone.”

The launch, according to Senior Manager, Bai Aruna Kabia, would be occasioned by various colourful activities.

The university started it operations with the first batch of over one thousand students in July, 2016, after being under lockdown due to the Ebola.

According  to Kabia,the government of Sierra Leone has been trying to reposition itself to take education to a new direction ,hence thought it fit to partner with the Limkokwing University to introduce the Malaysian brand of education ,which, he said has captured  global attention.

He said Limkokwing is a 21st century university, training not only students but young professionals that would be global candidates for the job market.

“We want to position young people and empower them for the global agenda,” he said.

Senior Vice President of the university, MS. Dato’ Gail Phung ,dilated on the global awards and achievements of the institution, noting that it is among the top 300 hundred universities in Asia.

She said Facebook has listed the university among the top most popular university and that it is also among top ten most popular on twitter.

“The ranking underscores Limkokwing University’s global reach of over 300 million hits from 229 countries and territories,” she said.

According to management, the university would strive to bring Sierra Leone on a journey to accelerate human capital development and international competiveness.

“In Sierra Leone, we start with the empowerment of the nation’s best and brightest young citizens. We will build a generation of creative thinkers and innovative doers. We will nurture an inspired generation of highly skilled, knowledgeable, tech-savvy with a global outlook,” said management.

“We seek to train and educate them in the use of 21st century skills in the most high-tech digital and technological relevant eco-system and empower them with content development, product innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve its vision for transformation.”

According to them, the university has embraced the TVET (Technical Vocational Educational Training) model of education from the outset and long before it entered into global educational lexicon.

“The Limkokwing University TVET model has taken the partnership of industry with academic to new pioneering levels and has afforded to industry a dynamic and impacting role on curriculum development and ensuring that the university’s courses deliver industry ready graduates.”

Limkokwing is the first Malaysina institution of higher learning to give education new perspective that respond to changing demands of globalisation.

Through its globalisation initiative, the university has set up campuses in the UK,China,Cambodia,Indonesia,Bostwana,Lesotho,Swaziland and Sierra Leone.

Limkokwing University has won more than 200 awards for creativity and innovation in education from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and Africa over the last three years.