President Bio’s New Direction to construct First Desalination Plant in Bonthe Island

June 9, 2020


As President Bio declared 2020 a year of effective service delivery, the Management of SALWACO, headed by  Joseph Munda Sandi together with the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa and the Director General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority, Mr. Amara Kanneh  on Saturday 6th June, 2020 conducted a symbolic signing of contract for the reconstruction and construction of Bonthe water supply project.

In his statement, the Managing Director of SALWACO stated that Bonthe Island will get a desalination pipe borne water supply.

He said water is on the agenda of His Excellency, noting that two weeks ago in Parliament, the President made a statement on the provision of the Bonthe water project and finally the contract has been signed. 

Mr. Sandi continued that SALWACO is responsible to providing water in every part of the country except Freetown.

He therefore called on the residents of Bonthe municipality to appreciate the Minister of Finance for his passion he has for water.

He said that the project has two components; the desalination component which is turning of salt water into fresh and safe drinking water and the other component is the reconstruction of the dilapidated degremont facility. Also, there will be an office space and accommodations facility for SALWACO staff for the operations of both plants.

He added that IPCS will do the construction of the office space and accommodations and GIS Construction will be in charge of pipe networking in the City. Sewa and Guangjin company a joint ventures, will construct the desalination and reconstruction of the new Treatment Plant. 

“This project will create job opportunities for the youths around the municipality and I hope that in the next couple of weeks the President will do the turning of sod right here on Bonthe Municipality grounds”, he stated.

In his keynote address, the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa said the money for the reconstruction and construction of the Bonthe water supply project was already in the  bank waiting for the conclusion of signing of contracts between  SALWACO and the contractors.

As a development expert, the Honorable Minister of Finance stated that the provision of safe drinking water in every part of SierraLeone have a direct link to education and good health. Hence, investing now in water will reduce future cost in managing health crisis such as cholera and other water borne diseases. 

He added that water is a core component to Human capital Development. 

“This project is a full funded government project with a total cost of 121.8 billions Leones and it’s going to be one of the fastest project to be implemented.” Minister J. J. Saffa informed the group.

In response to the call of the President for collaboration between agencies, The Director General of SLRA, Amara Kanneh said that when different MDA’s collaborate, it yields positive outcomes and reduces cost on government expenditures. 

He stated that SLRA and SALWACO will work collaboratively in developing the Bonthe Municipality.

“I’m happy to be part of the signing of the project in Bonthe, this shows how committed the two agencies are working hard to complement the agenda of the New Direction he stated.”

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Sengehpoh Thomas, in his statement applauded both SALWACO and the Minister of Finance for a job well done, adding that the current government is a “talk and do” government.

He therefore called on the stakeholders and youths of Bonthe municipality to own the project and support the contractors.

In his conclusion, The Deputy speaker of Parliament said after forty-five years of no pipe borne water, The Bonthe Municipality has something to celebrate…His Excellency, Julius Maada Bio and the New Direction. 

Giving the vote of thanks, Mary M. Ngegba the Stakeholder and Media Relations Manager said that good things come to those who wait and Bonthe District has been the most patient District with the most patient and persevering son of the soil- the president himself. She gratified God for rewarding Bonthe with such a son and his government who has thought of his people after forty five years of abandonment by all past governments. She asked the beneficiaries to pray for the President and his government to succeed.