President Bio instills hope, confidence in Sierra Leoneans

March 20, 2020

By Mohamed Massaquoi


President Bio assuring sierra leoneans

President Julius Maada Bio has appealed to Sierra Leoneans to work together in the fight against the dreaded Corona various, thus encouraging them not to panic but rather strictly adhere to health regulations.

The president made the above statement while updating members of the media and civil society representatives on his government preparedness in the fight against the Coronavirus- a disease that has been declared as a global health pandemic.

“I am here to inspire you that this is a fight we have to win but that will only happen when we take collective responsibility. The life of every Sierra Leonean matters in this process.  I want to ensure that nobody die as a result of Coronavirus. The best way to deal with this crisis is to plan well and that is exactly what we have been doing as a government,’’ he said.

He added that his government has put in place a lot of strategies including strengthening diagnostic facilities, screening, and holding centres to ensure that the country is safe.

“My government has prepared three testing sits. We have deployed military personnel at all crossing points and we have upgraded our emergency response to level two.  I have taken the leadership in the fight against Coronavirus but I am doing it in collaboration with all Sierra Leoneans and our international partners. I do not see any reason to be panic,” he emphasised.

Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie , said international partners have alerted  African  leaders to  prepare for the worst , especially when the health systems within the African continent are very weak, adding that the country  will find it difficult to fight the Coronavirus if the people are not united.

“One month ago, we were exposed to Lassa fever but   we only lost one person. The country has the capacity to test for Coronavirus. Very soon we will have three Sierra Leonean doctors in Brazzaville who are trained to handle this disease. We have put together a lot of strategies in place but I will emphasise that we keep to the health rules and regulations,” he said.