Police arrest fake KADCO bitter cola producers

March 24, 2020

By Regina Pratt


Mixture before bottling for sale

The Economic Financial Unit attached to the Criminal Investigations Department is investigating a case of infringement on trade mark products of KADCO SL. Ltd- manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Police media boss, Superintendent Brima Kamara, yesterday told journalists at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters that the investigation was triggered by a report made by one of the marketers at KADCO, Budhwani.

Assistant Superintendent Lansana Vandi, Line Manager, Economic Financial Fraud Unit said  they received a case file and four suspects together with the fake bottle of bitter cola energizer and bitter cola non-alcoholic from the Mountain Division on Monday March 23, 2020, for further investigation.

He said the original producer informed them that the suspects have infringed on their products, adding that the suspects told them that they got the products from one Tejan Kabba, a resident of Sumalia Town.

“We left for the scene and upon arrival we met the suspect Tejan Kabba preparing the product inside a large bowl and some also inside jerry cans,” he said, stating that the items and some of the finished products were taken to the CID.

ASP Vandi said on the following day they received information that some women in the eastern part of Freetown were also selling the similar fake KADCO products, thus adding that two of the suspects are on the run.

He said he observed at the scene that the suspects used rubber pipe to fill the bottles and also used local herb (Gbangba) and some colourings that will make it look like the original product.

“We have released seven persons as we have to send the contents to Standard Bureau to test it,” he said.

KADCO Administrative Officer, Abubakarr Conteh, said  they received the information from some of their marketers that the sales of the products has dropped and that some customers were complaining that it does not have the quality it used to have.

The administrative officers went on to show some differences between the fake product and the original.