Pikin bizness helps ferry three kids with heart disease to India

July 31, 2017 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

Pikin Bizness, Sierra Leone has facilitated the travelling of three kids that were suffering from different heart diseases, to be flown to India for life-saving surgery.

The children together with their mothers left the shores of Freetown on Thursday (27 July) for the surgery and they would be there for about three months.

Adonis Abboud, Board Chairman of Pikin Bizness, said heart disease infection, especially for children, was on the increase and that it was a concern for his organisation.

He said it was as a result of that he has developed a partnership with Chain of Hope in England and Ola During in Freetown to help the children.

Mr. Abboud said though he was contacted at the last minute to help the kids, he stepped in because of the seriousness of their condition.

He said that was not the first time his organisation was helping children with those kinds of ailment to travel for medical attention.

“There are many children out there that need help for their health. But these ones, the doctor told me that they have about six months to live if the surgery is not done,” he said.

Mariatu, mother of 3-year old Umaru Koroma, said she noticed her son’s ailment when he had an attack in May and became unconscious and then became pale.

 “At first, I thought he was suffering from typhoid or malaria. But after several tests were conducted, the doctor told me Umaru had a heart disease,” she narrated.
Mariama, mother of 3-year old Abibatu Kamara, said at the age of two, Abibatu was diagnosed with heart disease.
“Ever since she was diagnosed, life has been difficult for both of us. She has been falling ill frequently. We have spent more time in the hospital than at home. But one good thing is that we have been getting assurances from the doctors at Ola During. I never lost hope. My child has the opportunity to travel for the surgery and I believe it will be successful,” she said.