Petty trader dragged to court for Robbery with Aggravation

February 8, 2021

By Jeneba A Conteh

A 25-year-old petty trader, Abu Kamara, alias Wizzy, has made several appearances before Magistrate Hadiru Daboh at Ross Road Court No.3 for an alleged robbery with aggravation.

The accused is before the court on four count charges of conspiracy to commit a felony, robbery with aggravation, malicious damage and assault.

Inspector A. Kamara, who is prosecuting the matter, alleges that on Friday 15 January, 2020, the accused conspired with other persons unknown to rob and wound Tesliane Wilson at Brass Street in Freetown.

In his evidence in-chief, Wilson recognised the accused and recalled the day of the alleged incident.

The witness said on that fateful day around 10:30pm local time, he was on his way back home when he was attacked by three thugs including the accused.

He said the accused took out a knife and tried to slash him in the face, but he was too fast to grip the arm of the accused. He said while they were still struggling, the other boys started to hit him violently from every angle. “In the process Young Thug bite me. I felt severe pain.”

He  told the court that the thugs carted away some of his property including one Motorola phone cost one million five hundred thousand Leones, iPhone 7 valued three million five hundred thousand Leones and a physical cash of $US 3,000, wrist watch valued four hundred thousand Leones and gold chain valued one million two hundred thousand Leones.

He told the court that the thugs ran away after causing the havoc, but he slowly chased them unknowingly to a certain distance around Kissy Road, Kennedy Street junction.

“I saw them sharing my property and one unknown man helped me rushed at them. One of them was caught and the others flew. I saw my Motorola phone with him,”   he told the court.

He said he later made statement at the Ross Road Police Station where he was issued with a police medical report form for examination and treatment at the Rokupa hospital.

The matter has been adjourned to 16th February for further hearing.