Why Elkass Sannoh would deliver as Director of Communications

May 8, 2019

By Alusine Sesay


Director Elkass Sannoh  is a go-getter

I came to personally know Elkass Sannoh in 2012 while I was on internship at the Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA).By then, he was Editor for the then embryonic African Young Voices (AVY) Newspaper, which has now been grown into a giant media outlet in Sierra Leone. No wonder the AVY Newspaper successfully gave birth to both radio and television and subsequently been transformed into a media empire. The growth of AVY must have emanated from its genesis, with strong personalities like Elkass at the helm of affairs.

I know my readers would wonder as to the content of this piece, but it should not come as a surprise because even the devil has a friend. Throughout my practise as a journalist, people know me to be putting pen on critical issues. In this case, I have no option but to say some honest truth about a certain Youngman I have known for years and whom I so admire.

While serving as intern at SLANSA, I was doing some media analysis on armed violence as well as coordinating the media for any activity undertaken by the institution. Elkass would always support me in my work as he would always prioritized my publications and giving them prominence. The first time I came across him, it occurred to me that he is endowed with leadership character. At AYV, he mentored a lot of young guys who have now achieved prominence in the media world. With the kind of relationship he has built in the media over the years, I believe he could get things done in his favour at the Youth Affairs Ministry, where he is currently serving as Communications Director. Despite his lineage with the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) his interactive power makes him a perfect mixer. For him, politics is just a fun as he is a friend to even diehard opposition party members. That makes him unique! In his practise as a journalist,Elkass held extreme value for professionalism.

When he was appointed Director of Communications at the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the first thing that came to mind was that President Bio made no mistake as he had placed the right man in the right place. I am of the strong view that he would deliver and bring new innovation into that directorate because he has the ability to think out of the box. I am not saying that the young man is flawless because there is no perfection in humanity, but the positivity about him supersedes the flaws.

He is a man of his words and always curious to get things done and in the right way .Believe it or you leave it, Elkass is a go getter. I fondly called him Mr. Fixer. Among my contemporaries, I hold strong admiration for him because as a young man he has carved a niche for himself through his astute writing skills-Pen of the Voiceless. He is that kind of young journalist that is always curious about accuracy and would always take correction so as to get things done the right way.

As a young man from Kenema, he has recorded some solid personal achievements. From his tender age, he has served in responsible positions. He was the Information Minister of Nasir Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School in Kenema in 2000-2001. He later moved to Fourah Bay College for four years after which he bagged a lot of international postgraduate courses in Media Law, Public Relations Management and Development Communications. He has won different awards including Africa Mining Development and Political Reporting from Africa Mining Vision. He is a BBC trained journalist.

Elkass started his journalism almost twelve years ago as a Cub Reporter, News Editor and later Editor. He has edited the AYV Newspaper, Financial Times Newspaper, Ariogbo Newspaper and later subedited Concord Times on probono basis.

He was Editor for AYV radio and Intern Coordinator for the AYV Media Empire. He has worked for the Sierra Eye Magazine, The Reporter in Egypt at a time when his Column- Pen of The Voiceless, was one of the widely read Column published by almost all Sierra Leonean Newspapers including Awoko and Standard Times.

He worked for one of the world’s leading institutions, World Bank as a Communications Specialist. He is known to be a reservoir of knowledge as far as Mining Development is concerned in Africa. He was the Media and Communications Manager for AMR Gold and later the Wilkinson Hills Mining. He has consulted for many local and international mining companies including Kingho Mining Company. He is one of the few consultants working with the PR Office based in UK.