NIC to run state-of-the-art gym

August 7, 2017 By Sahr Morris Jnr


International gym instructor, Ade Kemi Taylor, has confirmed that that the National Insurance Company (NIC) will supervise the operation of Sierra Leone’s first state-of-the-art multipurpose gym in Freetown.

According to Taylor, the increase interest from the public has forced them to bring in standard equipment and already the said gym is now open to the public.

“We are pleased to give the gym a facelift and we do encourage Sierra Leoneans and all to make use of this facility which is second to none in the country,” Taylor said, adding that: “The idea to establish it was for staff of NIC, but it has gone beyond that and we need more people to benefit from the facilities available.”

He also revealed that the gym opens 8 A.M and closes at 8 P.M from Monday’s to Saturday’s. The gym is available for the rest of the day when once you’ve paid your fees. He also encouraged athletes from the various sporting disciplines to make use of the opportunity and get themselves fit for both national and international competitions.

The gym was established 3 years ago for personal exercise and physical fitness training for interested staff.

The additional items have raised the status of the gym to international standard, and it was based on that they agreed to give chances to others who are not part of their operations to be able to use the gym for a minimal amount of money (Le 150,000 per month and Le 1,200,000 per year).

Alpha Kamara, who has had training session in the gym said the gym is up to standard and that it can help their physical fitness as  “we can no more jog on the street and he said they are looking forward to more gym in the country.