New Apostolic Church reaches out to poor communities

July 18, 2018


The Jorg Wolf Foundation, through the New Apostolic Church Mission Aid (NACMA), has concluded nationwide distribution of food items and non-food items to different poor and hard-to-reach communities in the country. The communities that benefited were: Magburaka disability camp and Magbass in Tonkolili district; Gandorhun in Kono; Orphanage in Kenema; Pendembu and Mendekeima in Kialahun; Bathurst in Bo; Mokonde-Njalla in Moyamba district; and Lungi-Mahera in Port Loko district respectively.

This came following the request of Apostles and Bishops of Sierra Leone to the Regional Supervisor, Mr. Samuel A. Cole, who forwarded it to the donor in Germany. Mr. Charles Nyandemoh, the church’s accountant and Church Secretary Mr. Abdulai Kenawah Sannoh, supervised the distribution.

The donation was geared towards complementing the effort of the government to fight against hunger and poverty in remote and hard-to reach- areas in the country.

During one of the donation ceremonies held at the Shepherd Foundation Primary School at Mahera in Lungi, Port Loko district, community people came out in their numbers dancing and singing to welcome the team from the church, led by newly ordained Apostle Brima Siaffa.

Making his statement, Apostle Brima Siaffa thanked the community people for their warm welcome, adding that that was his first time of visiting Lungi-Mahera.

He explained that every year the church, with funding from Jorg Wolf Foundation to Africa, has been giving humanitarian support to less privileged communities, the aged and destitute children in orphanage homes across the country.

Apostle Saiffa noted that the church is not only limited to preaching the gospel but also helping poor people as Jesus Christ used to do. He said Jesus Christ was not only preaching the gospel but was also feeding the poor.

The Church Clerk/Secretary, Priest Sannoh, said that similar donations have been also done in Liberia, Guinea and Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) to minimise suffering among poor people who can’t afford a meal a day for their families.

He said that one of the devastating effects of the Ebola outbreak was that it left many people poor.

Priest Sannoh explained that Jorg Wolf is one of their Retired District Elders who is giving back to poor people from the profit he is making out his business.

Receiving the items on behalf of the community, Retired Apostle Alex Bangura thanked the church for choosing the Masimera community for their donation.

He added that the church is the first religious organisation that has made such a valuable donation to them especially at this time when it is rainy.

A blind old woman, Mamie Fatu Bangura, was filled with joy when the food items were given to her. She said: “I have been thinking of how to survive this rainy season since I stopped begging from house to house”.

Mamie Fatu, though a Muslim, appreciated the church for remembering them at this time of the rainy season when hunger is at their door step. She called on other organisation to emulate the New Apostolic Church.