NASSIT introduces new electronic system

…to ensure safe record keeping & documentation

January 25, 2016 By Ibrahim Tarawallie                     

National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) last Friday (22 January, 2016) unveiled a software application system that will aid the efficient and systematic control of the creation and receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of record for members.

Developed by Insights Technology, the Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) will ensure capturing and maintenance of evidence and other vital information about members of the trust in the form of records.

During the official unveiling of the system, Director of Systems and Technology, Amara Kargbo stated that the system would greatly help mitigate the risks of fire hazard, natural occurrences and malicious human interference.

He explained that prior to now, hard copy records and the NAPOS software had been NASSIT’s ultimate source of data and information for all their members, which had been passing through several hands, adding that such a practice, with time and during the process might become susceptible to wear and tear and gradual depreciation.

“This system will protect establishments and members’ documents from unauthorised alteration. It will interface with other mainstream systems. Effective records management will assist the trust to adopt a defendable position in the event of legal actions or public scrutiny of our business,” he said.

Mr. Kargbo added that the EDRMS could also integrate and interface with existing paper file system to improve search ability, track the movement of physical files and manage physical storage facilities.

NASSIT Director-General, Joseph Sedu Mans Jr., noted that the system brings with it huge benefits for both the institution and its esteemed members.

Mr. Mans Jr. said the EDRMS would ensure that time taken for the processing of benefit claims would be significantly reduced, as well as help them move away from a paper and manual records system to digital and automated records management mechanism