Mr. One sensitizes youth on non-violence

May 29, 2020

By Yusufu S. Bangura

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Jerome Micheal Corshu aka Mr. One sensitize the youth on non-violence at Eastern part of Freetown

Popular young Sierra Leonean artist, Jerome Micheal Corshu aka Mr. One, has on Tuesday 26th May, took to ghettos in the eastern part of Freetown to sensitize youth (gangster) on non-violence.

Speaking to youth at Fredrick Street and Regent Road, Chief Executive Officer of Advocacy Through Entertainment, Jerome Micheal Corshu, said the coronavirus is real, thus encouraging the youth to adhere to the preventive measures.

He added that the reason he took up the lead to sensitize youth is to help minimize the many violence activities happening in the country.

He told the youth not to allow politicians to use them to wreck mayhem or take the laws into their hands as those politicians won’t be with them when they fall in conflict with the law.

He underscored that the movement he embarked on is a non-political movement and there is no political string attached as he used his own finance to support the campaign. 

“I wish that other peace- loving Sierra Leoneans will come onboard to help me educate the youth on non-violence. Am so happy and excited today because the youth embrace me and in the end they will be able to pass on the message to their colleagues,” he said.

He told the youth that crime would not pay them any good and he would looked forward to see ‘non-violence free Salone’, adding that he would be glad if the youth desist from perpetrating violence.

Suliman Kargbo aka Biniman representing Cent Coast Crips, said they decided to preach about non-violence among themselves because they wanted to end violence in the country.

He said some of them were not happy with the ugly situation that was going on in the country, thus asking that the government to support them with job so they can keep themselves busy.

He thanked Mr. One for the good initiatives to educate them on non- violence, adding that he felt happy to receiving the message and asked other youth to stay off from violence activities.

In his statement, Mentor of East Coast Crips, Mohamed S. Kamara, aka Uncle Dope said the message that they receive from Mr. One was vital for them and urged other youth to keep off from violence as politicians misused and dumped them.

He said most of them are educated, but because there is no job in the country, that’s why some of them got involve in violence, thus promising that this time round they would not tolerate it from any politicians.