MPs dissatisfied with NACSA

January 25, 2021

By Jariatu S. Jusu

Substandard furniture

Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on National Commission for Social Action (NACSA) and Non-Governmental Organizations,have expressed dissatisfaction over the poor quality of furniture produced by Instant Construction and General Services for  the Community Health posts in Kagbanthama town and Morie Town, Mange Bureh in the Port Loko district.

The project was designed for various communities across the country and it was funded by the International Development Bank through the Sierra Leone Driven Development project Phase 2 (GEITERENK) for the construction of community health posts and schools respectively.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, Hon. Roland F. Kargbo, the oversight was to make sure that they monitor and see some of the projects that were implemented by NACSA.

He said the project was supposed to have been completed within six months, but has lasted for almost three years now.

He charged that the wood work was not properly done and that the woods were also substandard and not durable.

He said the committee will invite NACSA to explan and establish reasons as to why several contractors were hired to implement a single project at a very minimal timeline.

He said the community wanted to use the facilities but that there was nothing good to write home about the project after a huge sum of money have been invested in the project.

He noted that there was a very poor coordination between NACSA and those that will be running the facilities-the Ministry of Health.

“We are yet to know when the ministry will furnish the facilities for it to be functional. There should be a full coordination,” he said.

He disclosed that even though some months ago President Bio officially launched all the projects done by NACSA, but the committee established that some of the works were still not completed for the community people to use the facilities.

Some of the furniture have already been spoilt before they could be used and the beds are too low for patients especially those that might have knee problem.

Other committee members expressed that it would have been good for NACSA to have awarded the contract to contractors living within the communities.

However, the Hub Based Specialist at NACSA, Umu Nyalay Gbappy,said  the contract was awarded by the head office in Freetown and that she could not tell what entails in the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for the furniture.

 She told members that she was just there to conduct monitoring together with other staff.

She disclosed that the project was designed for 6 months period, but that up till now it has not been handed over to the community people due to the fact that it has not been completed.

She also stated that they changed three contractors for the Port Loko project due to some negligence and delay.

Also, NACSA’s District Engineer,Port Loko, Melvin Koroma said they also noticed that the wood work were of poor quality with no installation of the sub-massive machine to supply the water to the tank.