More testimonies against erstwhile Master & Registrar 

February 12, 2020

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Office Assistant at the Sierra Leone Judiciary, Lawrence B. Kamara, yesterday Tuesday 11th February, testified in the on-going trial of the erstwhile High Court Master and Registrar, Stephen Yayah Mansaray, Richie Edwin Asgil, Adele Faya and Clarence Solomon Will, who are in court to answer to corruption charges.

Testifying before Justice Simeon Alliue, the witness identified all accused persons and that he has worked in the Judiciary for over ten years.

 The witness recalled some dates in 2015 and 2016, when the 3rd accused, Adele Faya Adele Faya, former Account Clerk of the Judiciary, gave him a number of cheques which he cashed out at the Bank of Sierra Leone and gave her the money.

The witness tendered in court all the cheques and told the court that the 3rd accused never told him as how she expended the money he cashed out at the Bank.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) had filed eighteen counts indictment against all accused persons to the High Court for allegedly misappropriating four hundred and sixty million, two hundred and sixty-eight thousand, and two hundred Leones (Le460, 268,200/00) from the Judiciary’s Master and Registrar Account, domiciled at the Bank of Sierra Leone.

The Commission’s Prosecutor Joel Tejan Deen-Tarawalie alleges that Stephen Yayah Mansaray former High Court Master and Registrar, Richie Edwin Asgil, former Principal Accountant in the Judiciary; Adele Faya, former Account Clerk of the Judiciary; and Clarence Solomon Will, Assistant at a Law Firm in Freetown, misappropriated Public Funds, contrary to Section 36(1); and conspired to commit a corruption offence, contrary to Section 128(1) of the ACC Act 2008.

The prosecution also alleges that Stephen Yayah Mansaray and Richie Edwin Asgil were signatories to the Judiciary’s Master and Registrar’s account and on diverse dates, between June 2014 and May 2018, both accused, conspired with others to sign a number of cheques through which they authorised the withdrawal of funds from the aforementioned account for their personal benefit or for other unjustified purposes.

The commission further alleges that Adele Faya instructed the encashment of various cheques from the same account, and misappropriated the monies, while his co accused Solomon Will, between 25th April, 2018, and 14th March, 2019, allegedly conspired with unknown persons, to misappropriate public funds by illegally facilitating the encashment of cheques from the Judiciary’s account.

Matter continues.