Mind Game Movie to be premiered tomorrow at Golden Tulip 

July 26, 2019

By Ishmael Sallieu Koroma 


Jusas Global, a private owned music and entertainment industry company, is set to premier its Blockbuster movie ‘Mind Game’ on Saturday, July 27th, at the Essential Kimbima Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen, Freetown.

The movie, which is staged around unconditional love, suspense, wrangling’s and  more, captures the story of the Dowsabel in the family, who got or perceived pregnancy and the quest to unravel the misery, takes a U-turn, pointing accusations to the overprotective father.The closest to her starred stars like  Desmond Finney , Randa Sheriff , Salim Sahid Kamara , Kindo  Armani, TJ Cole ,China Nicky , Hamid Marah, Boss Lady ,Aline and many more.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Concord Times, the Executive Producer, Mind Game, Abdul Sigismond Sesay re-echoed that  JuSAS GLOBAL is private owned entertainment company, whose genuine and collective drive is  to augment government’s efforts to revive the Movie, Music & Entertainment Industry in Sierra Leone,

He added that the Movie Industry is currently in slumber and coma due to neglect or lack of collective support by previous and present government/administration,and that it was time for the people to put hands on deck to give it a facelift, thus emphasising the need for a blockbuster movie.

“The assemblage of seasoned casts drawn from across the board shows a clear testament that we are on the verge or crusade to change the narrative to global level. It is not all the time you sit and wait for the government of the day to lead the path, it has to be collective and someone has to take the forefront. By so doing, government and complementing sponsors will have no option but to come onboard uninvited,” he said.

He said if Sierra Leoneans want to dine and wine with dignitaries, celebrities, entrepreneurs among others, they should not   miss out on Mind Game Premiere which is slated for tomorrow at Golden Tulip.

He said  the best in entertainment is assured  and encouraged all loving movie fans to grace the premiering of their blockbuster movie.

When asked about the challenges, he noted that they were huge especially when putting up a mind-blowing national talk about movie when the Executive Producer coordinates outside the Sierra Leone jurisdiction and relying on Director Sheriff to fix things.

“Finances without government and complementing sponsors at the time of this interview to undertake a project of the best and of this nature with top stars/celebrities and 95% literate cast crew and production team, can’t be overemphasized. It is really challenging to say the least,” he said.

He added that another challenge was bringing on board vibrant political actors, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to serve as special guests.

The Blockbuster Movie Producer expressed that it is his candid opinion as an Entertainment Promoter & The Executive Producer of ‘Mind Game’ that the nation has been challenged with so many incitements that could have derailed the peaceful co-existence as ‘one country, one  People’ in the true nationalistic sense.

He re-assured that they would do their best to depoliticize the entertainment industry and that the Mind Game movie premiere will serve as platform and purpose to diffuse liberal cultures and plummeted political tensions by having the main political actors and stakeholders under one roof to celebrate ‘our local content’.

The Movie will be premiered under the Distinguished Grand Chief Patron of Hon. Umaru Napoleon Koroma Esq., Francis Ben Kaifala, Commissioner,Anti- Corruption Commission, and Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura, among many other high profile government officials.