Massah Kaikai murder trial: Witness’ testimony may implicate 1st accused

May 13, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma


The place where her remains were allegedly exhumed

Prosecution witness Ibrahim Kamara in the on-going preliminary investigation of the alleged murder of US-Sierra Leone citizen, Massah Kaikai, had told Magistrate Mark Ngegba presiding at Magistrates’ Court No.2 that the 1st accused had hired him to dig the pit where the alleged remains of the deceased were discovered.

The witness who identified himself as a tailor told the court that he knew the first accused through the mother of the deceased, recalling  in 2018 while at home a certain Zainab had gone to his residence and requested his cell phone number.

He said he later received a telephone call from the first accused who told him that he had a contract for him, and that they should meet at Bottom Mango, Wilberforce in Freetown.

He said the first accused also told him to go along with a shovel and pick axe, adding that when he arrived at the place, the first accused directed him to board a taxi and meet him at his residence at Pipe Line, Off Wilkinson Road.

He further told the court that when they arrived at residence, the first accused asked him and the taxi driver to help him dig a pit in the compound that will be used to dump garbage.

He said after they had finish digging the pit , the first accused paid them fifty thousand Leones each and pleaded with them not to tell her wife or any other person about the said pit, adding that a few days later, he saw the first accused in handcuff with some police officers.

“When I asked the first accused as to what happened, he told me that the woman he was with has gone missing, which was why he was arrested,” he said.

He said he was later invited to the Criminal Investigations Department headquarters in Freetown,where he made statement and he was later taken to the compound where they had dug the pit  and to his surprise met banana tree planted at the location.

He further that when the said pit was re-dug, he was also surprised to have seen the remains of a human being.

Police has charged to court one Ibrahim Mansaray and Bashiru Mahoi on three count charges ranging from murder, burying a human body in a place order than a cemetery, larceny in a dwelling house and receiving stolen goods contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

According to the State prosecutor, Adrian Fisher, the first accused Ibrahim Mansaray, on a date between the 1st August 2018 and 3rd August 2018 at 44B Lower Pipe Line, Off Wilkinson road in Freetown, murdered one Massah Kaikai and buried her remains at a place order than a cemetery.

It was also alleged that on the same date and place, the first accused stole property from the deceased worth over 12million Leones.

The second accused was charged for receiving one apple pro IPad valued over 5 million Leones, property of the deceased.

Matter continues.