Man sentenced 32 years for robbery in Sierra Leone

January 16, 2020

By Ibrahim K Turay

Justice Monfred Sesay presiding at the High Court in Freetown has sentenced Mohamed Samura alIas Blacker to 32 years imprisonment for Conspiracy and Robbery.

Samura was charged with four counts ranging from conspiracy, robbery, and assaulting conduct contrary to Section 23(1) of the Larceny Act of 1916 as repealed and replaced by Section 2 of the Statues Criminal Laws (Amended) Act of 1971.

J.A.K Sesay, State prosecutor, said the convict Mohamed Samura on diverse dates between 15th May 2017, and 22nd May 2017, at Dwarzark Farm in Freetown,conspired with other persons unknown to commit a felony to wit robbery.

Justice Sesay told the court that the prosecution has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt and thus found the accused guilty on counts one, two, and three and acquit and discharged him on count four.

Lawyer Spencer Coker from the Legal Aid Board, who represented the convict pleaded with the Bench to tamper justice with mercy as the convict is a bread winner to four ‘beautiful’ children. He thus pleaded with the judge to consider the time the convict has spent behind bars.

However, the judge said he would have set the accused free, but his attitude of not only rubbing the convict of her property, but also inserting his fingers into the virgina of the victim is grave.

He added that there is no specific jail term for conspiracy as well and that the maximum sentence for count three is life imprisonment.

He said because of the plea in mitigation of the lawyer, he would give a minimum sentence of five years on count one and twelve years on count two and fifteen years on count three.