Life imprisonment for husband who beheaded wife

October 3, 2019

By Ibrahim K. Turay

Alusine Kargbo, a farmer was yesterday convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment after he pleaded guilty of killing his wife at Waterloo, Western Rural District in October, 2018.

He was initially charged with murder but the charges were apparently changed after the prosecution lawyer, J. B. Kamara, pleaded with the Bench to try him by judge alone instead of judge and jury.

Kargbo, 36, was before the court for the death of his wife, Augusta Macauley.

The matter was tried at the High Court in Freetown presided over by Justice Momoh Jah Stevens

Prosecution says the convict on Tuesday, 30th October, 2018, murdered Augusta Macauley at cemetery Road, Russel Village in the Koya Rural District.

In his confessional statement to the police, the accused agreed that he killed his wife after he had suspected her of having a boyfriend, who frequently called her whilst they were in bed.

He said he forwarded a complaint to the deceased mother, but nothing serious was done in that direction.

He testified that he forwarded another complaint to the deceased’s stepfather, who advised him to do anything that would prevent his wife from having a boyfriend.

He said his wife then moved into her relative residence at Tokeh village, the outskirt of Waterloo Rural District.

The convict said after the advice from the stepfather, he then planned to kill his wife on a particular Sunday.

He said on the said date, he saw the deceased selling bread at Waterloo late in the evening and that he then pleaded with an unknown man and a woman to convince his wife to pass the night with him, but she refused.

He said he then decided to drop off the deceased and that on their way, he took out a cutlass and hid it in his trousers.

 He said after they went halfway, he removed the cutlass and hit the deceased in the back.

“She suddenly dropped on the floor. I cut off her breast, slashed her in the womb and beheaded her,” he confessed.

Meanwhile, before the sentencing, defense counsel, M. Karimu from the Legal Aid Board noted in his plea of mitigation that her client had been of good conduct whilst in detention.

The attorney reminded the court that the deceased left two children who needed parental care, thus pleading with the court to temper justice with mercy by giving the convict a lesser punishment.

Justice Stevens noted that the convict had pleaded guilty to the offence during the trial and conducted himself well during the trial, but that he wanted the state to keep him because the deceased’s  family was out there waiting on the outcome of the trial.

“I have looked into the manner by which the convict killed the deceased, by cutting off her breast. As a result, I will sentence him to life imprisonment with hard labour,” he ruled.