Lawmaker bemoans flood of expired products on the market

April 8, 2019

By Jariatu S. Bangura


Hon. Dr. Mark Mahmoud Kalokoh

Main opposition All People’s Congress(APC) Member of  Parliament representing Constituency 32, Bombali district, Hon. Mark Mahmoud Kalokoh, has called on the Ministry of Trade and Industry to immediately address the flow of expired goods on the market, especially when Ramadan is approaching.

Hon. Kalokoh observed that during the festive season and in the Month of Ramadan,so many expired goods do flood the market without any precautions.

“If the trade monitors of the Ministry and Consumer Protection Agency are out of their duties all in the name of suspension and we only rely on Standard Bureau to do the job, I am sorry to say they are doing a very little job. If they are really working, we would not see substandard gallons at some filling stations as compared to when you buy fuel at NP filling station.You will see the difference. I am worried about the protection of our people out there as too much of expired goods are on the market, especially when Ramadan is on the way,” he said.

He stated that the ministry  of trade should explain as to how active their officers were and also what emphasis have they in mind to address the issue of expired goods flooding the market.

However,Chief Director of Domestic Commerce and Industry in the Ministry of Trade, Charles Mereweather Thompson, admitted  that the Sierra Leone market is indeed flooded with expired products,but stated that  the blame should not be put on Standards Bureau.

He stated  that the ministry was currently working on the issue as plans were underway to train more trade monitors.

He said the issue of expired goods flooding the market has been a seasonal thing,but noted that  mechanisms were being put in place to address the situation.