Kent Cricket Club bowls helping hand to disaster affected

September 22, 2017 


A display of some of the donated items

Kent Cricket Club (KCC) has on Saturday extended  their cricket philanthropic hands,donating school materials, food, clothing and toiletries to Regent and Mortemeh child victims, who are housed at Old Skool, Hill Station in Freetown.

The donated items includes; diapers, school bags, books, soap, toothpastes, pencils, pens, rulers, toothbrushes, wheelchairs, socks, biscuits, juice, baby oil, chocolates and cheese balls.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of KCC, Emmanuel Pessima, they were planning to target 50 children but because of the extra support they received they were able to donate to more than 80 children.

“The stories of these children are terrible as many of them are now orphans and based on their stories, we decided to pay school fees for some of them plus offering those items. This is part of our desire to use cricket as a vehicle to give young people hope,” Pessima said.

The KCC founder revealed they were able to get funds from donation received from a ‘Gofundme account’ which cricket and non-cricket friends’ donated and supported the project.

He said: “A big thank you to everyone that donated towards the support of these children. This is a dream come true and your donations made it a reality. Thanks to former Sierra Leone’s national cricketer, Maynard Cox-George for sorting out the transfer of the money from Gofundme to us. Many thanks to Ms. Fatmata Ansumana, Registration and Protection Pillar Representative of the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs for putting the data of the children together.”

Pessima also noted that more children were unable to benefit from Saturday’s that is why they are still collecting donation on the same account.