Kamarianba’s alleged sexual abuse of child trial

Judge threatens to jail journalist for publishing distorted fact

September 2, 2020

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

ADP Leader Mohamed Kamarainba docked on three count charges of unlawful  possession of arms and is denied bail , as case adjourned to June 7 –  Cocorioko
Kamarainba Mansaray

Justice Samuel O. Taylor has threatened to arrest and detain any journalist that will publish distorted fact on the sexual penetration trial involving the Alliance Democratic Party Leader, Mohamed Kambarainba Mansaray.

The judge made the statement after the lead counsel Emanuel Saffa Abdulai told the Bench that one Pastor Mohamed Sesay, a journalist, had published distorted article on social media about the trial.

Lawyer Abdulai said the publication on social media was not only distorted, but was also disrespectful to his client, the defense team and the court as well, thus  calling on the  judge to give a stern warning to everyone to reframe from such.

However, Justice Taylor admonished all journalists present in court not to publish distorted articles on the matter and warned the said Pastor Mohamed Sesay to desist from such act.

Mansaray is before the High Court on eight counts of related sexual penetration offences, while his co.accused Marion Aruni is charged with conspiracy.

During cross-examination, the victim told the court that she was living with her father before the alleged sexual penetration matter was reported to the police.

She said during the investigation of the incident, police together with the 1st accused and his legal team asked her to lead them to the residence of the 1st accused in Freetown, where she alleged the accused had slept with her, but that she couldn’t identify the junction leading to the 1st accused’s residence.

She said she had also told the police in her statement that the first accused is living in a 3 bedroom apartment, but when she was taken there by the investigators, it was confirmed that it was a 4 bedroom apartment.

She further stated that she had also described the room of the 1st accused to the police, but the description did not match when they visited the residence.

The victim said she could not recall the date the second accused sent her to the hospital to take the (captain band), noting that she started her menstrual circle at age 13.

The witness told the court that the 1st accused collected her  susing a green vehicle and took her to the hotel in Kono, which contradicted her earlier statement she made to police.

Meanwhile, both accused are still held in remand custody and the matter has been adjourned to Saturday, 5th September, 2020