Kamarainba Claims Inferno Was ‘Politically Motivated’

August 30, 2017  By Hassan Gbassay Koroma


The Chairman, Leader and presidential candidate of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), has claimed that the inferno that yesterday engulfed his party headquarters on Rawdon Street in Freetown was a  politically motivated’ attack from the ruling government.

Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray alleges  that two unidentified young men threw petrol bomb into their office in the early morning hours of Tuesday August 29, 2017, burning down important properties’ of the party, including the machine that he uses to prepare party cards for members.

Responding to questions from Concord Times, Mr. Mansaray said the incident was indeed sad and a bad precedent for the country’s democracy.

He said that was not the first time his office has been attacked by thugs from his opponent, claiming that their regional office in Port Loko Town was set ablaze by unknown people earlier this year and that their Lunsar office was also painted with human faeces.

The opposition leader noted that the politics of the country was ‘nasty’ and that if it continues that way the March 7 2018 elections would be marred by political violence.

“There was a time that I was personally attacked by some thugs and my vehicle was destroyed. This same office was also vandalised. Police investigated all those matters and nothing was done about it,” he said.

Mr. Mansaray said he has reported the matter to the police.

He further claimed that political intimidations were directed at him because he was the only opposition leader who has been very vocal on national issues, especially the Hajj scandal and toll road issues.

“They are doing all these to intimidate me. I have been to jail twice now. In fact, my court matter is coming up tomorrow in Segbwema, Kenema District. I was preparing to leave for Kenema, when I heard that my office was on fire. But I will still attend the court hearings because I know if I fail to attend they issue me bench warrant,” he said.

He said the two previous attacks from Port Loko and Lunsar were done by thugs of the All People’s Congress (APC) and that he was able to identify some of them who were arrested and detained, but were released after few days.

Meanwhile, Concord Times could not verify his claims as at press times