Kailahun District Council may be dragged to court

May 7, 2019 

By Mohamed Massaquoi


The clock tower

One of the leading local contractors in the eastern district town of Kenema has threatened to take legal action against the management of the Kailahun District Council for what he referred to as ‘failure to honour a contractual   agreement with the Star Line Construction Company.

During his visit to the township of Kailahun, President Julius Maada Bio made it abundantly clear that he was committed to providing the required facilities for residents in that part of the country, but the clock tower project for the township of Kailahun has been identified as one of the failed projects the Kailahun district council has embarked on over the past years.

Sidi Yayah Fofanah aka D J Snow disclosed in an exclusive interview that for the past five years, Kailahun District Council officials have reneged on paying for a clock tower, which was contracted to him by the then chairman of the council, Alex Bonapha, adding that frantic efforts have been made for the council to honour their commitment, but to no avail.

Fofanah said in 2015, the Kailahun district published an advertisement for the purchase of a durable and standardized clock with a tower from overseas for the township of Kailahun.

“They gave me specifications for a four-face striking clock with eight speakers, an amplifier with a chamber and an outstanding sola power system-all of those worth two hundred million Leones. When this administration came into governance, I engaged all of them and the Chief Administrator, Mr. Swarray and the Chairman Keke Sahr admitted that they owed my company,” he said, adding that since then they have not paid his money, a development that has mounted a lot of pressure on him from the bank.

However, Chief Administrator of the Kailahun District Council, John Lahai Swarray ,denied knowledge of the contract, stating that it is not the responsibility of the chief administrator to enter into any financial agreement with any individual.

He stated that the contractor was contracted by the previous chairman to purchase the clock and other items, adding that the current Chairman, Keke Sahr, pleaded for more time so that the council could pay for the said amount.

“I don’t want this to go on the media because it is shameful,” he said in an interview.