“Injunction on our convention is a blessing”

-Main opposition All People’s Congress( APC) Scribe

January 13, 2020


Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh

The National Secretary General of the main opposition All People’s Congress  (APC), Ambassador Osman Foday Yansaneh has told a mammoth crowd in Port Loko, northern Sierra Leone that the interim injunction slammed on the delegates’ conference was a ‘blessing rather than a curse’.

Many party stalwarts had assembled in Port Loko on Friday for a National Delegates’ Conference (NDC) when eventually three members of the National Reformation Movement (NRM)-a faction within the party, sought an injunction to stop the convention on the grounds that the lower level election to choose delegates hasn’t been held and that members are not privy to the draft revised constitution of their party which would have been adopted in the said conference.

Ambassador Yansaneh acknowledged the ruling of the High Court in a press statement issued on Friday (10th January) in which he noted that his party would abide by the ruling of the court.

He said his party was not served personally with the orders and that their lawyers who were in court were not allowed to be heard on the ex-parte notice of motion filed by Alfred Minkailu Koroma, Abdul Karim Kafoi and Sulatmani Kamara, all from the NRM..

Addressing members over the weekend in Port Loko, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, who is the Chairman and Leader of the APC, started off by thanking the leadership of the party for the endurance they have shown so far and encouraged the youth to come onboard and take leadership positions, as he would soon retire from the party. But the crowd roared ‘you must stay’, you must stay.’

The Chairman and Leader reiterated that their party  is law abiding and that they would honour the orders of the court. He said they have already informed the party’s legal team and the secretariat to work together and continue with the next steps on the injunction.

“We should not lose hope. The party is not apart and no one will be able to set this party apart. This party will continue to function as a political party. One of our purposes here was to introduce a constitution as everyone was yearning for a change. So, we agree because we want everyone’s voice to be heard and respected. But, if we are getting hurdles, we still have the 1995 Constitution. Going forward, the party will continue its activities under the 1995 Constitution,” he stated amidst an applauding crowd.

He added that the process of electing party executives and the selection or election of the party’s 2023 standard bearer would be addressed in the future.

He noted that the party would embark on unification drive whilst they battle with the NRM in court, thus noting that everyone should be accommodated as the party is a family.

Meanwhile, just after the injunction on Friday, one of the plaintiffs, Alfred Minkailu Koroma, aka Political Harash, remarked that their action was to bring to an end dictatorship in the APC.

“We approach all avenues, but the party failed to listen to us. They took us for granted. We even took them to the PPRC, but the ruling was delayed. The only alternative left was to go to court. Our actions are not to set the party apart but to unite us and make sure every voice is heard,” he said.