‘I will transform Sierra Leone’

Bio tells Lawmakers

October 12, 2017 By Mohamed Massaquoi


Bio and wife, Fatima, in the House of Parliament

While addressing lawmakers yesterday, one of the leading aspirants for the position of flag-bearer of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio said the reason for the decision to do his declaration in the House of Parliament was because he believes that lawmakers have the ears of the people. He said his presence in parliament was to also assure them that transforming the country for the benefit of the people is a key priority on his agenda.

Bio said that exactly over twenty years ago he handed over power to a democratically elected president, but during that period, the country has gone through a lot of challenges, which is why he is again vying for the position of flag- bearer and subsequently president of the country.

He assured lawmakers that he would improve on healthcare service delivery in the country, promote sustainable jobs for the youths, and provide for venerable groups, among other things, adding that he took the responsibility of fostering peace and democracy of which the international community now commends the country for.

“Today we are living in peace and harmony, we have a duty to consolidate the peace, we must not forget those who helped to bring lasting peace in the country.

I am here today because parliamentarians are representatives of their people, that is why I am here this afternoon to declare my intension for the flag-bearer of our party and for the position of presidency,” he said.

Acting Minority Leader, Hon. Sidi Tunis, commended Bio for his foresight in engaging parliamentarians as he declares to once again lead the opposition SLPP in the March 2018 presidential elelction.

He said the opposition party has 42 parliamentarians who over the years have stood firm to promote and propagate the good ideology of the party.

‘I want to assure Bio of our unflagging support, I am sure it is only the SLPP that will promote democracy and good governance in Sierra Leone and this time we will protect our vote and I am sure Bio will win,” he concluded.