“I have not slept with any 15-year-old girl”

…ADP Kamarainba

July 21, 2020

By Jariatu S. Bangura

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Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray stands accused of sexually abusing a minor

The Sierra Leone police are currently investigating the Leader, Chairman and presidential aspirant of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP),Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray for allegedly sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl in Kono.

However, the opposition leader has denied on Radio Democracy  98.1 Gud Mornin Show  programme that he had ‘never slept with any 15-year-old girl as alleged by the Sierra Leone Police.

 “I have a daughter who is almost 13 years old. Everybody knows me in this country. I have never slept with this 15-year-old girl and will never sleep with her,” he said.

Speaking yesterday on Radio Democracy ‘Gud Mornin’ Show, the ADP leader confirmed that his residence was barricaded by police and military personnel at around 9 pm on Sunday till Monday (20 July) and that they were still around whilst he was giving the interview to radio democracy.

He said he hadn’t received any call or invitation from the Criminal Investigations Department, as a result, he was confused as to why his residence was surrounded by military and police personnel.

 “It is very unfortunate because I did not sleep overnight fearing for my life. I don’t know why they are here.  If for any reason they need me, I am an influential citizen in this country, I have nowhere to go,” he said.

He added a simple phone call could have been enough to invite him as that was what they did two years ago when AIG Brima Jah, Director of Crime Services at CID spoke to him on the phone while he presented himself to the police the following day.

“But today, I don’t know why police are surrounding my house. I called my lawyers yesterday and they just told me to stay put, but I couldn’t sleep as I am having a severe head ache due to the sleepless night I had,” he explained.

He said when the military officers arrived at his house, they hit the gate several times but he couldn’t open it as he didn’t know them and he hadn’t received any invitation from the police.

He explained that maybe they wanted to do something bad even though they were dressed in military uniforms.

 “I couldn’t instruct for the gate to be opened  because I don’t know them and I never had any phone call or invitation. If they had introduced or called with some form of introduction, then I would have opened. It is just intimidating; I couldn’t sleep for the rest of last night,” he said.

Meanwhile, he has consented to voluntarily go to the CID today (Tuesday July 21) at 1pm.

When questioned whether he had got any formal  information about the allegation in question, Kamarainba said when he bumped into the news on social media he called the Local Unit Commander at Tankoro police station and asked him about the allegations.

“I call the LUC of Tankoro police, Kono explained to him what I had seen on social media that I am on the run for sexually penetrating a 15-year-old girl. The LUC did admit that they are investigating a case of such and I was told they would inform me once they complete the investigation,” he said.

The ADP leader said he has also received a call from a certain journalist in Kono who had informed him that police have confirmed that they have accused him (Kamarainba) of sleeping with a 15-year-old girl on two occasions in February 2020 at Diamond Lodge Hotel in Kono.

“I was shocked and asked the journalist if that was the accusation because I did not get any formal report and I had never stayed at that hotel in my whole life nor did I even go there. The owner of Diamond Lodge also called me and said police have gone to the hotel and searched all records, they have checked everything and they have found out that I had never been to that hotel nor lodged there for a day. So, I don’t know where they have such report which I have never done,m” he stated.

Kamarainba said he came to know the 15-year-old girl through his foster father, a Lebanese man, who had approached him for an employment as things were hard for him and his family, but he declined to his request on the grounds that the man seemed to be his father’s age mate, hence he couldn’t give him job, but rather helped him financially.

He added that he had even contacted the father of the girl who confirmed that he had not made any report of such nature to police since he (Kamarainba) had not done anything wrong to the girl.

He said he had done so many good things to the girl and her parent and to other people, but he couldn’t fathom why people are ‘treacherous’.

“It is my good deeds that are hunting me and people had warned me about it.  Even two weeks ago, at Kissy, Yarmson Lane, I bought two phones and even gave to their mothers as help,” he said.

As at press time, Concord Times was reliably informed that police have issued warrant of arrest for Mohamed Kamarinba Mansaray.