“I have been in pain for five years”

…Yainkain Kamara narrates ordeals

 March 20, 2017 By Joseph S. Margai


Yainkain Kamara in dire need of medical treatment in or out of Sierra Leone

Yainkain Kamara, a woman in her early twenties, has narrated to Concord Times as to how she has been in pain for five years, suffering from tooth ache with swollen jaw.

She resides at Gbaray Nonkoh, a village in the Magbema chiefdom, Kambia district, northern Sierra Leone.

She narrated that five years ago, her tooth started aching  but that she hadn’t  money to go for treatment at the hospital, hence resorted to taking herbs to cure the ache.

“The herbs could not cure the tooth ache but has rather worsened the situation. My entire mouth is now swollen and I find it difficult to chew solid food,” she said in tears.

Yainkain Kamara’s situation is so serious that the entire villagers are calling on the government and other humanitarian organisations to help her access treatment in or out of the country.