Socialize employ additional 3000 health workers

October 19, 2020

By Mohamed M. Sesay

Minister of Health and Sanitation professor Dr. Wurie

Minister of Health and Sanitation (MoHS), Professor Alpha T. Wurie has on Thursday gave a glad tiding to healthcare workers that President Julius Maada Bio has instructed the ministry to employ additional three thousand healthcare workers across the country.

Professor Wurie made the above disclosure at  the commemoration of World Patient Day, coupled with the launching of the Quality of Care and Patient Safety with the theme; ‘Health Worker Safety; A Priority for Patient Safety’ held at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen in Freetown

Professor Wurie also assured quality management system in the health sector, stating that government has advertised the rehabilitation of all government health facilities across the country, wherein various clinical/biology testing facilities would be opened in every regional hospital for the first time in the history of Sierra Leone.

He acknowledged that despite government has committed to modernize health facilities with standardised medical equipment, human resource to operate those machines is largely lacking.

Professor Wurie affirmed that the ministry would soon send Sierra Leoneans abroad so that they could have the required knowledge on how to operate those machines.

‘’When you go in that direction, you see another gap which is the Human Resource-that is people who will run the diagnostics equipment in those facilities. We are going to send people out so that they could be in the position to run those diagnostics facilities,’’ he said.

On her part, the UNICEF representative, Yuki Suehiro applauded the ministry and the country’s strong commitment towards quality improvement as it is an essential component within the health sector.

She added that the Quality of Care Policy and Roadmap that was launched on Thursday would help to create a shared vision in the healthcare quality among all stakeholders to provide quality in quality measurement, and promote population demand for quality and thereby enhancing accountability in the health sector.

She said that as a supporter of the Global Network for Improving quality healthcare for maternal and new born, UNICEF is ranked the biggest partner for quality improvement initiative globally.

 She observed that quality healthcare management is critical in Sierra Leone hence the more reason UNICEF’s  supports to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation are always directed towards improving quality of services.

She encouraged the ministry to extend the quality management system to all the remote areas across the country, adding that UNICEF remains strongly committed in supporting the government of Sierra Leone to effectively and efficiently implement the quality care policy within the health sector.

Executive Director,Health for All Coalition, Charles Mambu thanked the ministry  for their commitment towards quality care management and safety of patients and health workers within the health sector.

 He added that they have been campaigning for quality care for health workers and patients and therefore felt very elated that the campaign has yielded dividend wherein a whole directorate has been established within the ministry with regards improving quality management in the health sector.

He said that there should be equal care for patients and health workers.

 The occasion was climaxed by the launch of the National Healthcare Quality and Patients Safety Policy by the Minister of Health and sanitation.