Govt. lifts ban on school celebrations

April 1, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

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The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) has officially lifted ban on all school activities including sport and other co-curricular activities.

“The MBSSE is pleased to announce that following the lifting of the curfew and relaxation of other related emergency measures, the ban on School celebrations is hereby partly suspended with immediate effect,” the notice reads.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the ministry advised all school heads and stakeholders to inform the Deputy Director of Education for their programs and activities.

The statement notes that during any such celebration, all Covid 19 protocols and public regulation, including the use of face mask should be strictly adhered to by all.

“This ban on schools’ activities was instituted following the approval by Parliament of a State of Emergency on the 24th March 2020, as a measure to fight against the Covid 19 Pandemic; hence, several non-pharmacological interventions were rolled out by the National Corona Virus Response Center (NaCOVERC),” the release notes.

Following the approval of the State of Emergency by parliament, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary School (MBSSE) on its part closed schools and subsequently imposed a ban on all co-curricular activities including sport and school celebrations in October 2020.

The notice further states that the MBSSE will continue to work with NaCOVERC regarding the status of other restrictions especially sporting activities and promised to communicate with the stakeholders appropriately.

“The MBSSE is also aware of numerous deliberate misinformation about education activities on social media and wishes to encourage members of the public to always contact any of our District Education Office or Headquarters to seek clarification on any matter of doubt.”