Govt abandons Salone students in China

February 11, 2020

By Frederick V. Kanneh

Students from Sierra Leone, who are offering different courses including masters programees in the People’s Republic of China, have expressed their disappointments in the Government of Sierra Leone for neglecting them in the middle of Coronavirus crisis.

Responding to a telephone interview on Radio Democracy,98.1, one of the aggrieved students, who is currently studying Architecture, Philip Adams, said although no Sierra Leonean student has contacted the virus, but that all of them were faced with so many constraints for food, medication, protective gears, among others.

He added that they have made so many efforts to reach the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ambassador to China and his deputy for possible help, but that up to the time he was being interviewed the Sierra Leone envoy could neither reply to them nor gave any assistance.

He disclosed that they have even created a social media group in their bid to bring all Sierra Leonean students in China together and added the said Ambassador with his deputy for  them to feel the reality of what they were encountering, but that they have never seen any post from him neither his deputy.

“For now, we have really felt rejected and abandoned by our own government.  We are in universities with other nationals, and every now and then, we have seen what their governments are doing for them in time of this crisis. It is frustrating that up till now, the Sierra Leone Government is yet to do anything towards our welfares,” he said.

He further stated that even those students who went under the government scholarship were yet to receive their allowances even though rumour had it that the monies had been paid by government, adding that it was not clear to them as to when the government was going to intervene into their situation.

However, he said some of the students who find themselves in Wuhan where the outbreak started were only receiving little tokens from the Sierra Leone Students Union in China.

He concluded by calling on the government of Sierra Leone to intervene into their situations before it would get out of hands.