German doctors provide free surgery for children at Choithram Hospital

March 21, 2017 By Regina Pratt

dr. mollie

Dr. Molie Wright and the visiting German Doctors

Five German doctors, who have been in the country for over a week now, have performed free pediatric and plastic surgery to children at the Choithram Hospital in Freetown.

The children were properly screened with their medical history sent to Germany, while the German doctors chose those that underwent the surgery at the Choithram Hospital in Freetown.

Speaking to journalists at the Hospital last Friday, Dr. M. Wright, who brought the doctors to Sierra Leone, said they have an organisation called ‘the Bintumani’ which was founded in 1998.

He added that the organisation is a German/Sierra Leonean connection, which has been rendering assistance to the country.

“This program was introduced in 2010 and many people have benefitted from it. The doctors have been coming on a yearly basis to render the same service to Sierra Leoneans, but did not come during the Ebola outbreak,” he said.

Dr. Molie Wright disclosed that the team comprised two pediatric doctors and two surgeons, noting that the project was funded by donations and personal contacts with friends in Germany.

He said the doctors brought in all necessary medical equipment and other services.

Dr. Tilman Gresing, who is also a pediatric surgeon, thanked the doctors and hospital staff for their hospitality, saying that they have never missed Germany since they arrived in Sierra Leone.

“70 children will benefit from a free medical treatment. We are planning to come in October and we are trying to get another surgeon from North Germany. If we do not come again this year, we will surely come next year,” he said.

Dr. Gordon Harris said it was not the first time that doctors from Germany have been come to Sierra Leone.

He commended Dr. Wright, who studied in Germany and as well giving back to the country.

Dr. Baimba Bayoh told journalists that one of the surgeons was out in the field to identify children that needed plastic surgery as a result of severe burns.

Medical superintendent at the Choithram Hospital, Dr. Santosh Moda, explained that as at Friday, 35 surgeries had been done to several people including a month old baby.

Harish Agnami of Choithrams told the visiting doctors that the hospital was always open to them, adding that about 70% of the beds will be allocated to them after the free medical treatment.