Chief Sam Sumana's political career might be in limbo 

 January 16, 2020

I might not be a medical doctor to diagnose ailments from sick patients, but with all the circumstances surrounding Chief Samuel Sam Sumana’s political journey, I would diagnose that he might have taken a one way street to the end of his political carrier by resigning from the C4C party to rejoin the APC.

It is an open secret that Sam Sumana was once among the decision makers of the APC party before things got sour between him and the party leadership. That led to his disgraceful expulsion from the party and his sacking by former President Ernest Koroma as the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2015.

The reasons for his sacking and expulsion according to the APC Membership brought a lot of debate in the court of public opinion. Especially when the party’s Secretary General,  Amb. Yansaneh  said they expelled him because he lied about his academic qualification and religion.  While the former President EBK said he sacked him because he had no political party, and that he left his office during working hours to seek asylum at the American Embassy in Sierra Leone without any just course.

These actions followed by other instances like the removal of his diplomatic passport, Sierra Leone high court ruled against him, and his narrow escape from the country to seek justice at the ECOWAS Court of justice in Abuja. Even though the said Court later ruled in his favour and asked the then government of Sierra Leone to pay all his entitlements, there was no compliance by the government.

In a nutshell, Sam Sumana’s affairs with the APC was marred by disgrace and frustration.

It was because of that actions the Kono people embraced him as one of their own, formed the C4C party and made him the flag bearer. As a matter of fact, we all saw the unity and loyalty displayed by the Kono indigenes during the last elections.

Here are why I said this move might be the end of his political carrier.

Politics is all about number of people that support you, and people can only be loyal to you if they trust and respect you. In this case, Sam Sumana has an uphill task to accomplish because the same APC that he is fighting to join has once publicly told the people of this nation that he is a cheat and liar. And that simply means that he has to go public to prove that he is a true Muslim and that he has Masters Degree. And you and I know that this will take some time for people to believe.

Also,  all of his of his Kono tribe’s men maybe currently not in honeymoon period with him for letting the C4C down to rejoin the APC who publicly disgraced one of their own. Chances are, they will always take him as a betrayer and will never support his political dream.

Again, Sam Sumana left the APC party for over five years and there are other members of the said party that have stood teeth and nail with same up to this period, and we all saw the list of aspirants for the flag bearer position. What will be his chance of getting back to the leadership position in the midst of the said people?

Again, he is coming back at a time when the party is seriously divided, and all the segment have strong members who think that this is their time to be at the upper echelon of the party. Does SSS think that he will be giving the stake he had in the past even if the party members come to one?

The last Saturday Court injunction that stopped the introduction of new APC’s Constitution and the National Delegates Conference in Port Loko simply meant that the party will continue to  use the 1995 APC constitution in all its activities. That incident also added another setback on Sam Sumana’s political carrier because there are certain clauses in the old APC Constitution that will serve as hindrance of gaining leadership position in the party. One of such is the selection clause that gives power to the Chairman and leader to select the flag bearer of the party. Now, you tell me if ordinary lunch meeting SSS had with EBK will be enough to remove the said position from Samura Kamara or Cherry Koko and hand it to him?

There are also other clauses that will definitely disqualify Sam Sumana from getting into the helm of affairs in the APC party.

Until then, I am with the opinion that Chief Samuel Sam Sumana’s political career is in limbo, and heading to a crossroad.