FBC Hostels Nearing Completion

…but persistent thefts may delay students’ occupancy

September 18, 2017  By Joseph S. Margai


The BADEA Project Manager, Sorie Kanu, has told Concord Times that the long-awaited Fourah Bay College (FBC) hostels may be completed in the next two months, although students might not occupy them due to persistent theft of cables, bulbs and other items by unknown burglars.

The Banque Arabe de Development Economique en Afrique (BADEA) project, which is sponsored the rehabilitation and construction of existing and additional facilities on FBC campus, is worth US$36.5 million with the government of Sierra Leone expected to pay ten percent (10%) of that amount.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Mr. Kanu said theft of building materials was the only threat to the speedy completion of the hostels.

“All the bulbs and cables we installed at Block M have been carted away by thieves. We have installed the cables three times and on each occasion the thieves cart them away. Had it not been for the cases of theft here the hostels would have been completed within the next one month,” he said.

Sorie Kanu claimed that although security personnel are deployed at the project site, the alleged thieves invade the campus heavily armed.

He added that plans were underway to hire the services of armed security personnel.

Another major challenge to the completion of the project, he said, was the refusal by squatters to quit from land belonging to FBC, which they have earmarked to construct quarters for the junior staff and hospital.

 “We have scheduled another meeting with President Koroma to encourage them quit the FBC land. We have engaged them on several occasions and urged them to quit the land so as to enable the project to continue unhindered. The contractors have come to the site times without number to work on the land but people have always resisted them,” he said.