Failure to account for 2016/17 allocations…

Parliament discontinues PPRC hearing

November 9, 2017 By Jariatu S. Bangura

Members of the Sub-Appropriation Committee yesterday ordered officials from the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) to stand down and come again with supporting documents for their expenditure in 2016/17.

The sub-appropriation committee continues to look into how ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) expended their 2016/17 budgets and what their next priorities would be for the 2018 budget, which was approved in parliament last week.

Acting chair of the committee, Hon. Ibrahim Kamara, said documents presented by officials of PPRC were not accurate, while questions posed to them were not properly answered.

“I want to ask the committee to stop probing PPRC for now until Thursday, 9th November, 2017 when they are expected to come up with clear and straight forward documents. Go home and set the records straight,” he ordered.

Deputy chair of the committee, Hon. Helen Kuyembeh, stated that if MDAs do not understand questionnaires sent to them by parliament, they should call on the Clerk of Parliament to get clarifications, adding that that would imply respect to lawmakers and also make their work easier.

An Accountant at PPRC, Zainab Umu Sesay, said the actual allocations for 2016 was Le6,946,569,006 (six billion nine hundred and forty-six million five hundred and sixty-nine thousand Leones and six cent).

She pleaded with the committee to give them some time to put things in order as they didn’t understand all the questions in the questionnaire.