Escaping justice for allegedly impregnating 16 year –old girl…

APC Sho-Sawyer flees to Liberia

May 2, 2019


Hon.Dr.Sho-Sawyer escaping justice

Confirmed family sources have told Concord Times that the former All People’s Congress Member of Parliament, Hon.Mitchel Sho-Sawyer, who police have declared wanted for allegedly impregnating a 16 year- old girl, is currently hibernating in Liberia thereby escaping justice in Sierra Leone.

Police sources at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had earlier confirmed to this press that they have issued out an arrest warrant for  Hon.Sho-Sawyer, having gathered sufficient evidence to charge him to court for sexually abusing a minor and subsequently impregnated her.

“We have very strong evidence against him and we have searched everywhere for him. We have done everything to charge the matter to court, but he is nowhere to be found. As am speaking, we just came from Hamilton in search of him, but we could not find him,” said the source at CID, who had earlier preferred anonymity.

Meanwhile, a relative of the victim, Prince Lake, had told Concord Times that Sawyer had previously denied impregnating the victim, stating that he would order for a DNA test to be conducted in Ghana to ascertain as to whether he is the one responsible for the pregnancy.

“He told me he would hire a doctor to conduct the DNA test in Ghana, but I declined because he would have done otherewise.I travelled to the United States where I stay and paid for a DNA kit, so that we could conduct the test here.He had at first agreed to provide his sample but has refused to do so when I arrived with the kit,” said Lake.

According to Lake, the victim who has already given birth has confirmed to the police that the former APC lawmaker is allegedly responsible for the pregnancy.

“My brother, if you compare the photo of the baby and Sho-Sawyer, you will see no difference. The child is a complete replica of Sho-Sawyer,” he alleged.

He claimed that Sho-Sawyer was dating the guardian of the victim and that he had used the opportunity to always abuse the girl at the veranda of their apartment.

Lake further told Concord Times that relatives of the victim are well set to conduct the DNA test, but the perpetuator is nowhere to be found.

“If he really believes he is not responsible for the pregnancy, let him come out and present his DNA sample. We have already foot the bill for that as family members,” he said.

Sho-Sawyer, according to investigations, holds a US passport as dual citizen, but the police sources at CID told Concord Times that his photo has been circulated to aid his possible arrest.

Meanwhile, he must have left the shores of Sierra Leone to Liberia after he smell the rat that he was in trouble.It is unclear as to whether the Sierra Leone Police would make use of Interpol to effect his arrest overseas.