Entrenched corruption in the Judiciary:Master and Registrar  in court tomorrow

April 8, 2019


The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has indicted  the High Court Master and Registrar, Stephen Yayah Mansaray alongside four others for corruption related offences and  are expected to make their first appearance at the High Court holden in Freetown tomorrow,9th April.

The ACC) made the said indictement on 4th April against  Stephen Yayah Mansaray, of No. 11 Belair Park, Freetown; Adele Faya, Account Clerk of the Judiciary of Sierra Leone, and of 118 Bai Bureh Road Grassfield, Freetown; Isatu Ulaikatu Kiamp Kamara, Revenue Officer of the National Revenue Authority (NRA), and of 5 Stone Seat Drive Allen Town, Freetown; and Abubakarr Bangura, Revenue Officer-NRA, and of 67 Freetown Road Lumley, Freetown.

They were indicted on two (2) counts each, of Conspiracy to Commit a Corruption Offence contrary to Section 128(1), and Misappropriation of Public Revenue, contrary to Section 36 (1)  of the Anti-Corruption Act No.12 of 2008.

The three were alleged to have between the 12th and 20th March 2019, in Freetown, misappropriated the sum of Sixty Million Leones (Le 60,000,000.00) being revenue due the National Revenue Authority as fines paid by Mr. Emmanuel Ekundayo Constant Shears-Moses in respect of sentence in the High Court of Sierra Leone.