Egyptian gynecologist successfully operates cancer patient

September 25, 2020

Dr. Waheed Murad Hassan and Haja Adama Juldeh Barrie


Twenty years old Haja Adama Juldeh Barrie, who was suffering from cancer of the stomach is now singing songs of praises for Dr. Waheed Murad Hassan for giving her a new life to live.

In mid-August, a video of a young lady with a swollen stomach went viral on the social media, with people calling her names.

Haja Adama Juldeh Barrie was suffering from a cancer of the stomach until she met with doctor Waheed M. Hassan who performed surgery on her and  gave her a new life.

Speaking to Concord Times, Egyptian Gynecologist working with Life Care Hospital at Lumley in Freetown, Dr. Hassan Waheed M. Hassan says at the time the girl was taken to him her case was already very serious.

He stated that the girl was completely rejected by the people and that nobody was willing to help her.

He said the lady was suffering from malignant ovarian mass, a type of cancer that grows in the stomach very rapidly, causing the stomach to be  swollen.

He said the lady was taken to several hospitals and seen many doctors, but couldn’t find a doctor or a hospital that would provide her with any treatment to solve her problem.

“When she finally located me with a very big malignant tumor on the ovary, I diagnosed her and made a difficult decision to perform surgery on her to remove the broken ‘monster’ that was disturbing her life,” he narrated.

“On the 15th of September, I operated and removed the whole tumor under general anesthesia; removed 30 kg of fleshy parts from her stomach. Just after the operation, the patient was strong again.”

He said before the operation the patient who was unable to eat and complained being hungry, adding that in five days after the operation she started walking, talking and getting good breathing.

According to Dr. Hassan, such surgery can be done in the country without taking the patient to any other country, thus calling on the government to make more provisions for such complicated medical situations.

Speaking to Concord Times, Haja Adama Juldeh Barrie, started off by thanking God and Dr. Hassan for saving her life.

Barrie narrated that she started experiencing the problem since in primary school and that the situation worsened in 2017-2018.

She said her parents had taken her to many hospitals across the country for medical attention, but to no avail.

“I was discriminated in my community and people called me names including witch. My life was not the same before Dr. Hassan operated me,” she stated.