Deputy IG, Others Tour Don Bosco’s New Facilities

July 29, 2020

By Don Bosco PR Department

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Elizabeth Turay, President of Legal Assistance for Women Yearning for Equal Rights, (L.A.W.Y.E.R.S) Fatmata Sorie, Director of Rainbow Initiative, Daniel Kettor, on Friday 23rd July toured Don Bosco New modern facilities at During Town.

The Strategic Communication and Advocacy officer in the office of the First Lady Mr Tony Morgan, Dr Cole of Aberdeen Women’s Centre, UNAIDS Country Director, Mr Isaac Ahemesah  were all at the New Don Bosco Fambul Facilities where the Director Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli took them on a conducted of the facilities.

The Don Bosco Director, Father Jorge Mario Crisafulli took the delegation to all the shelters and explained the categories of beneficiaries Don Bosco is dealing with.

 The Director explained to the delegation what Don Bosco is currently doing and what the institution is planning to do in the not too distant future.

He concluded by asking the Deputy IG to work closely with Don Bosco to help protect the future of young people in Sierra Leone especially girls.

 The Deputy Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Mrs Elizabeth Turay was thrilled on seeing the modern edifices erected by Don Bosco Fambul to protect victims and survivors of sexual penetration and all forms of abuse.

She averred that what Don Bosco is doing in Sierra Leone is exemplary and their intervention in child protection worth emulating. 

The Deputy IG continued that she will ensure Don Bosco get the supports it deserves from the Sierra Leone Police through the Family Support Unit (FSU) and the police will help Don Bosco pursue perpetrators f sexual penetration of young girls.

The President for L.A.W.Y.E.R.S, Mrs Fatmata Sorie, thank the Management of Don Bosco for what they have been doing Sierra Leone and especially their role in the protection of young girls against sexual violence and providing hope for survivors.

She concluded by promising her institution to render and service Don Bosco may from them.

Dr Cole, who was part of the delegation express appreciation for the work of Don Bosco Fambul in taking care of vulnerable young girls and providing hope for them. She said Don Bosco is the institution that all patriotic Sierra Leoneans should support because they practice what they say to the public. She concluded by urging partner to work closely with Don Bosco to help fight the menace of child abuse in Sierra Leone and her institution, Rainbow Centre is always open to receive cases referred to them by Don Bosco.

The UNAIDS Country Director Mr Isaac Ahemesah, a Ghanaian national, was stunned on seeing what Don Bosco had don and is currently doing at the new complex at During town. He thanked the management of Don Bosco for their wonderful work they are doing. Mr Ahemesah urged other institutions into child protection to work closely with Don Bosco to ameliorate the menace of child abuse and especially penetration of underage girls in Sierra Leone.

He concluded by promising the institution of giving Don Bosco Fambul support where necessary.

The Executive Director of Rainbow Initiative, Mr Daniel Kettor, praised Don Bosco for what he saw the institution is doing at the new complex at During town and he promised to his institution to work in collaboration with Don Bosco to mitigate Sexual and Gender Base Violence in Sierra Leone.

All the members of the delegation vowed to work in collaboration with Don Bosco to fight gender base violence, sexual penetration of young girls, child trafficking and other forms of cruelty against young people in Sierra Leone.