Defense to file a no case submission in Koblo Queen Matter

September 23, 2020

By Jeneba A Conteh 

Defense  counsel,  Lawyer  Pious Sesay in the ongoing  preliminary  investigation of one Sheik Umar Karabkay Conteh, who allegedly  insulted  PC Koblo Queen  11 of Lunsar,has  on Wednesday,16th September, disclosed  that he will  file a no case submission on behalf of his client before  Magistrate Hannah Bonnie  at the  Pademba Road Court No. 1.

The accused is before the  court  on  four  count charges of   perverting  the course of  justice contrary to  law,  public  insult  and  provocation contrary  to Section  2 of the  Public Order  Act No. 32 of  1965, making  use of abusive language  contrary  to  Section  3 (1) of  the  Public  Order  Act No. 46 of 1965, among  others. 

 Police  alleged  that the accused on  Sunday, 8th March, 2020, at No. 1 Magazine  cut,  Grass field  in Freetown,  being  a son  of one accused  person, who  is standing  trail  for  alleged  conspiracy  to  commit  a murder,  and  other related  offences,  made certain  remarks,  ‘na buff case,  total  buff  case… this  system  is  under  our  control’ on Facebook  against  PC  Koblo Queen  11, to  pervert the course  of justice. 

Police further  alleged that the accused  on the  30the March, 2020, and on diverse dates   between  the  25th June,  did  use threatening language against  PC Koblo Queen 11 on Facebook. 

Defense  counsel  Lawyer Pious Sesay’s decision to file the said  no case  submission followed several  testimonies from  witnesses  from  across  waterloo,  and  also the  closure of the  prosecution’s case. 

Initially, lawyer Sesay was of the  view that  the  court  was doing a summary trail on the  matter and  wanted   to  call their own  witnesses to also testify,  but Magistrate Bonnie  noted  that one of the  offences- perverting the course of justice  for which  the  accused  stands charge, is a very  serious. 

Meanwhile, the matter was adjourned to the 25th September, 2020.