CSOs Embrace Toll Road Implementation

May 22, 2017 

As part of ongoing Sentistisation on the 62 Km  Toll Road stretching from Wellington to Masiaka, the Project  Implementation  Unit (PMU), headed by Mohammed Sahid Koroma on Friday, 19 May, 2017, engaged members of the civil society  and other government institutions, including SLRSA, SLRA, Drivers Union among others.

In his statement, the executive Director of Health Alert, Victor Lansana Koroma, called on the implementers of the Toll Road to introduce a free Ambulance system on the road for the purpose of rescuing in the case of accidents.

Mr. Koroma noted that he only wished the toll would not be a means for exploiting people and advised that measures be put in place before the system commences in July.

Mr. Koroma also frowned at any attempt to exploit the mass in the form of illegal checkpoints.

He said development comes with a heavy cost but such a cost should not be seen exploiting the mass.

Morlai Conteh, President of the National Youth Coalition, stated that the appropriate channels should be employed, because the toll road system is a novelty.

Robert Kargbo, Health Network Director, stressed among others  that, he was impressed with the development along with bold step by the project Implementation unit to bring them on board as members of the Civil Society. He said that was an opportunity for them to interface and undertake a wider sensitization drive.

Executive Director, Anti Violence Movement, Barnerd Conteh, cautioned that the finding be made independent so that the exact outcome would be known, while appealing to the project Implementation unit to negotiate the price, which, according to him, is exorbitant.

Mohamed Sahid Koroma, Head of Project Management Uni, who chaired the ceremony, stated that, the Youth Ministry was contacted to give the Youth responsibility and paid tribute to the invitees who out of their busy schedules were able to grace the meeting.

He said the Months Sentistisation drives is a menu of several  activities which high point is to collection of data  from residents along the toll road, number of Vehicles owners plying the road among others.

He said the questionnaire to be administered would target 7000 people, adding that the project focused more on the benefits, because they outweigh the disadvantages and from his meeting over the past days, he was optimistic that the process would be successful.

He said the Sierra Leone toll road would be the least expensive in the whole world when it would have been introduced.