Cruelty to husband…

Wife loses matrimonial home

February 21, 2017 

Justice MS. M. M. SAMBA has on October 6th, 2016, ruled in a divorce matter between Mr.  David Aruna and Mrs.  Rachel M .M Aruna, after five years of legal battle in the Freetown High Court.

The Judge ordered that the marriage, which was solemnized between the couple on the 9th May, 2009, at the Sanctuary Praise Church in Freetown be dissolved, because the petitioner, Rachel Aruna, was being cruelled to the respondent, her ex-husband, David Aruna.

“That the Petitioner, having treated the respondent with cruelty, the marriage had and solemnized between Mrs. Rachel M.M Aruna and David Aruna on the 9th May, 2009 at the Santuary Praise Church, Freetown, be dissolved,” the judge ruled.

It was alleged that the petitioner was going round the street of Freetown, slandering his ex-husband to people that did not know her divorce misfortune.

According to the judgment issued  by the Honourable Judge, Mrs. Rachel M.M Aruna was divorce  for hitting her husband  with  a mortal stick causing him severe  injury to his head, and  also  entered the former’s  place of work  and reigned abusive  words  on him to the hearing of other staff members  including senior staff members that caused him embarrassed and was issued a warning letter by his established  management.