Congrats colleagues, thanks New Direction

March 23, 2020


Rachel Horner, Coordinator, Diaspora Affairs, Washington


Pel Koroma,Press Attaché  to UN and Mohamed Massaquio ,Press Attaché to USA

To be grateful for whatever little goodies extended to you by any individual or group of individuals is absolutely Godly.

Over the years, Concord Times Communications has maintained certain standards that caught the attention of our critical readers out there, including politicians of all political parties across the country.

As an institution, we are proud of what we do by critically holding public officials to account, and this has provided us with a unique space in the Sierra Leone media landscape.

Concord Times as an institution has produced several media professionals, with many being key media owners in Sierra Leone while some are occupying key positions in the United Nations system.

The institution has since its inception serves as a breeding ground for journalism in Sierra Leone and most of our credible journalists have passed through Concord Times.

The current BBC Umaru Fofanah,Philip Neville ,owner of Media One Centre,David Tambayor of Monologue fame,Sheka Tarawally,former Deputy Minister of Information and Internal Affairs,Tanu Jalloh,current Communications Director at State House,Moses Kargbo,current Communication Specialist at the World Bank in Sierra Leone,Osman Benk Sankoh,currently at the United Nations,Sulaiman Momodu ,owner of Beyond Borders Newspaper and  former staff of the UNHCR in Ethopia, all passed through Concord Times and the list goes on and on.

Since the paper maintains the principle of excellence and objectivity, it has benefitted from all administrations, including the former All Peoples Congress regime of Dr.Ernest Bai Koroma.

Abdul Karim Koroma was appointed as Press Attaché to Ethiopia where he served throughout the Ernest Koroma regime and currently resident in the United States, and we are grateful for that.

The New Direction administration of President Julius Maada Bio has tripled the blessings by appointing three of ours in the diplomatic arena.

Our astute senior political reporter, Mohamed Massaquio, has been appointed to serve as Press Attaché to the United States, same goes to our prolific columnist, Pel Koroma, who has been appointed as Press Attaché to the United Nations and Rachel Horner as Diaspora Coordinator in Washington. What a marmot blessing!

These three media professionals have strong profiles which would make not only Concord Times be proud out there, but Sierra Leone as a whole.

There contributions towards nation building over the years have been enormous and this opportunity would give them more stamina to explore their potentials and make Sierra Leone a proud nation.

Concord Times is of the strongest view that President Bio made no mistake by appointing these three media giants in those positions of trust and we believe they will deliver as expected.

In all these, we stand to hold the government to account and support them where necessary. Once again, we are grateful for the goodies.